What is Different About Chiropractic Treatment at Elite Pain Relief and Wellness?

We believe that the human body is designed to heal itself.  We respect the body’s ability to heal and take a natural approach that enhances healing, reduces pain, and increases mobility.

We target misalignments of the spine called subluxations because they can impinge nerves, blood vessels,  organs and muscles from optimal performance.  When the spine is aligned properly, the nervous system communicates properly, blood flows optimally, and organs and muscles respond properly. 

You can see why proper spinal alignment is so critical to a healthy life!  As highly trained experts in chiropractic care, we harness the power of modern medicine with the body’s own powerful healing abilities and the outcomes are outstanding.

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Can Physical Therapy Keep Me in the Game?

Many people believe that physical therapy is only used after surgery or car accidents.  While we do provide tremendous physical benefits to our injury and surgical patients, we strongly recommend physical therapy as a part of a wellness regimen to keep people in optimal physical condition.

Our strength training programs help prevent injuries.  Regular physical therapy can increase mobility, reduce or eliminate pain, and improve your balance. 

Keeping the body strong and moving optimally has tremendous health benefits.  There is also a wonderful mental health benefit  to being pain free and continuing to do what you love to do!   We are committed to helping you live the healthy  life you love.

Is Massage Therapy a Relaxation Luxury?

We don’t think so!  There are substantial health benefits associated with a professionally trained, licensed massage therapist.  We include massage therapy at Elite Pain Relief and Wellness because it is a very complementary therapy to unlocking your body’s own healing power.  

Stress, repetitive motion, soft tissue damage, wear and tear from sports, and even sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day all can have negative impacts on the body.  For example, repetitive movement like hunching over a computer can cause shortening of the shoulder muscles which can lead to misalignment of the spine, loss of movement and headaches.  In some instances the body will build up fibrous tissue to protect the area, compounding the problem.

Massage therapy can ease the muscle tension, helping to eliminate the pain and reduce the build up of the fibrous tissue.  The massage relaxes tight muscles, and this allows the chiropractic adjustment and/or physical therapy to have optimal impact and the body to rejuvenate naturally.