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Elite Pain Relief and Wellness Platinum Program
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“I had been to other chiropractors/physical therapists with no progress in my back/arm pain.  I went to Elite and things started to turn around. I was very impressed with the detail Dr. Brechler went into to find the problem. They said, “I can fix you.” With their expertise, the Elite team did what they said they would. As treatments continue, I’m 95% better. I give Elite a 5-star rating.”  Gene B.


Taking care of yourself means you can better care for the people that look to you for leadership.

The Elite Platinum Program is specifically designed for busy executives that struggle finding the time to take care of their own healthcare needs.  It is a personalized, holistic wellness program that keeps leaders at the top of their game.  The holistic program includes our Glendale AZ advanced physical therapy clinic, expert chiropractic care, and therapeutic massage.  Together, they increase strength, prevent injuries, reduce pain, enhance performance, and tap into the body’s powerful, natural abilities to heal itself.

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Our Glendale Arizona Advanced Physical Therapy Clinic Offers the Graston Technique®

Physical therapy is not just for the injured.  It is a powerful, proactive therapy that identifies areas of weakness and then strengthens them.  It is designed to keep people at the top of their game by preventing injuries and speeding recovery times. 

Craig Brechler, PT specializes in performance assessment, sports medicine and treatment of orthopedic injuries, specifically, for the spine and upper and lower extremities. Craig is a certified the Graston Technique® provider.

Our Glendale Arizona advanced physical therapy clinic offers the Graston Technique® because it effectively identifies and breaks down scar tissue and connective tissue restrictions and chronic inflammation. It is an advanced instrument-assisted technique that, when the scar tissue is broken down, helps blood circulation improves, speeds up healing and improves range of motion.  Read more about the Graston Technique® HERE.

Click or call today to schedule your complimentary Platinum Wellness Program appointment.  It includes a thorough examination, medical consultation, and one complimentary physical therapy treatment.

Be sure to reference the Elite Platinum Wellness Program complimentary appointment.  We look forward to seeing you soon as you begin the journey to a life of strength and wellness.

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Therapeutic massage therapy should be a regular part of your wellness regimen.  Massage therapy is effective in reducing stress, eliminating headaches, sore muscles, and chronic pain.  Contrary to what some believe, massage therapy is not just about pampering.  There are very real, tangible benefits to a wellness regimen that includes massage therapy.  

Massage therapy can speed up recovery from soft tissue strains and injuries, reducing muscle tension, treating insomnia, and even improving digestion.  We will recommend the correct type of massage to provide maximum health benefits. Our massages range from deep tissue, sports, trigger point, and even relaxing Swedish massage.  It is a therapeutic compliment to our Glendale Arizona advanced physical therapy and expert chiropractic services.

Chiropractic care at Elite Pain Relief and Wellness focuses on an advanced scientific approach to identify underlying problems, including a thorough exam and consultation. 

Dr.  Brechler has developed an advanced system of spinal care and central nervous system restoration that have resulted in unprecedented and dramatic results for patients seeking her care. 

She targets root causes of pain, lack of mobility, headaches, carpal tunnel, and more.  She is skilled in finding the source of spinal misalignments, and through a series of expert accurate adjustments to the central nervous system, allows your body to heal and become pain free.