Physical Therapy Offer

physical therapist in Glendale AZ uses Graston Technique

Elite Pain Relief and Wellness Complimentary Treatment Offer

physical therapist in Glendale AZ

Clinically Advanced, Proven Physical Therapy That Achieves Quicker and Better Physical Therapy Outcomes

Craig Brecher, Physical Therapist, an expert physical therapy provider with over two decades of physical therapy experience and advanced physical therapy training, personally invites you to take an important step towards healing and strength.

We use advanced physical therapy techniques that help our patients heal faster and reduce the time they are in treatment. 

Benefits of Our Techniques

  • A more advanced method of detection of restrictions or adhesions
  • Shorter treatment time to experience improvement of conditions
  • Drug-free pain relief
  • Identification of vulnerabilities to provide proactive treatments that prevent injuries.

You can also find out about our other departments at Elite Pain Relief and Wellness, including chiropractic care and massage therapy. These are wonderful complimentary treatments to physical therapy to speed you along to a life of wellness. Go HERE to find out more.​