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Chiropractic Services

Dr. Marcella Brechler Targets Root Causes

At Elite Pain Relief and Wellness, we take a scientific approach to identify underlying problems, including x-rays and a thorough exam and consultation. We are skilled in finding the source of spinal misalignments, and through a series of expert accurate adjustments to the central nervous system, allow your body to heal and become pain free.

Find out more about how the chiropractic services at Elite can help you regain a life of wellness!

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Physical Therapy

Craig Brechler, PT Offers Personalized Therapy Plans

At Elite Pain Relief and Wellness, our philosophy is to take a very personal, hands on approach to give each patient the best possible physical therapy care. We are skilled in specific manual treatments and in creating individual therapeutic exercise programs designed to help our patients experience optimal recovery.

Find out more about how the physical therapy at Elite can help you regain a life of wellness!

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Massage Therapy

Elite Pain Relief and Wellness Offers High Quality Massage Therapy

Massage therapy works in a complimentary fashion to chiropractic and physical therapy. It can speed recovery of sports injuries, reduce headaches, relieve muscle tension, reduce headaches, and more.

Find out more about how the professional massage therapy services at Elite can help you move forward towards your pain free life a of wellness!

Personal Elite Pain Relief and Wellness Plans

We offer natural drug free pain relief, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, and wellness care.

I had been to other chiropractors/physical therapists with no progress in my back/arm pain.  I went to Elite and things started to turn around. I was very impressed with the detail Marcella went into to find the problem. She said, “I can fix you.” With her experience and Craig’s additional help, the Elite team did…

"I was in constant pain, with very limited movement in my neck.  Headaches, neck pain, shoulder spasms.  My neck was literally stuck. Dr. Brechler was persistent, patient, and compassionate.  She never quit until my neck movement returned to normal.  I am so grateful for the pain relief and return of motion."

  I want to thank the Elite team and Dr. Brechler especially for helping me to get back to feeling better than I have in a very long time. What impressed me the most was at the very start, she took the time to get to know me by first taking x-rays to find out…