The Proven Link Between Self-Love & Physical Health

The Proven Link Between Self-Love & Physical Health

Many of us are so busy meeting commitments and caring for others that we push our own physical and emotional needs to the background. Ironically, this is just the opposite of what you should be doing to be your best for others.

Love Your Hippocampus

Take time for yourself! There is a significant medical link between emotional and physical well being. Physically active people are less vulnerable to anxiety and depression, which has proven negative impacts on health. This information is well known, but what you might not know is that the hippocampus is part of the brain circuitry that connects self-esteem and increased physical health. The hippocampus is larger in people who are aerobically active. A larger hippocampus is closely correlated with positive emotions like gratitude and joy. Who would have thought exercise could give you a bigger brain! :-). So take time to exercise!

Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, and Therapeutic Massage Can Get You Mobile, Happy, and Healthy

It's time to get active and healthy! We can help you get mobile, happy and healthy again! Come in for a complimentary new patient consultation."

Chronic pain, migraines, arthritis, old injuries? There are many physical and neurological conditions that can hinder a pain free life of wellness. A holistic approach to wellness that includes expert chiropractic care, proactive physical therapy to improve strength and mobility, and therapeutic massage can all work together to get your body back to peak performance again.

A life of pain free wellness helps you be your best for others and experience a joyous outlook on life."

We want to be your healthcare provider and partner in achieving your wellness goals. We will support, encourage, and provide the guidance you need to live a life of positive, pain free wellness. The staff at Elite Pain Relief and Wellness is looking forward to helping you live a full life of wellness! Call us at (602) 460-3490, e-mail us, or go online to make your complimentary wellness appointment today to get started! And, of course, stay connected on Facebook to get wellness updates!

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