Glendale Arizona Advanced Physical Therapy creates a new you

Have you made New Year’s resolutions about your health? We hope so! Everyone wants quality of health that includes the full ability to accomplish what we want, the strength to do the things we need and want to do, and the ability to enjoy a pain free, full life of wellness. If your health and wellness is part of your 2019 New Year’s resolutions, the staff at Elite Pain Relief and Wellness are here to help!

Glendale Arizona Advanced Physical Therapy, Expert Chiropractor & Therapeutic Massage Clinic Can Help You Reach Your Wellness Goals

Did you know that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions? Our Glendale Arizona advanced physical therapy services, expert chiropractor, and therapeutic massage can play key roles in helping you reach your wellness goals.

How Can Glendale Arizona Physical Therapy, Chiropractic & Therapeutic Massage Services Help You Hit Your 2019 Wellness Goals?

We are excited to offer you a holistic wellness plan called the Elite Platinum Program. The Platinum Program includes our Glendale Arizona advanced physical therapy, expert chiropractic care, and therapeutic massage. When all of these components are being utilized together, they create a synergy that can increase overall body strength, prevent injuries, reduce or eliminate pain and enhance performance. At Elite Pain Relief and Wellness, our comprehensive wellness program helps you tap into the body’s powerful, natural abilities to heal itself. Read more about it HERE.

Glendale Arizona Outpatient Physical Therapy, Expert Chiropractor, and Therapeutic Massage Therapy Clinic Offers Complimentary Consultation to Help Set Realistic, Achievable Goals

We mentioned that only 8% achieve their New Year resolutions. Did you know that within a week of the new year, only 77% are on track, and within 6 months, only 40% are on track? These statistics illustrate the need for support in achieving your resolutions, particularly ones as important as your health. One of the key reasons people don’t accomplish their New Year resolutions is that the goals they set are not really attainable. Elite Pain Relief and Wellness offers a free consultation to start you on your wellness journey. We will help you set realistic goals and meet them. To get started, go HERE to schedule your complimentary wellness consultation at our Glendale Arizona outpatient physical therapy, expert chiropractor, and therapeutic massage wellness clinic.

Break Down Your New Year Health Resolution Into Smaller, Measurable Steps Toward Your Wellness Goal

It’s easy to get discouraged when you suffer from pain that inhibits movement and creates loss of energy - all can decrease motivation. Regularly receiving care at our Glendale Arizona physical therapy, chiropractic and massage clinic can keep you moving forward. Physical therapy can break up scar tissue that prevents movement, chiropractic can realign your musculoskeletal structure to reduce muscle spasm, pain, nerve irritation, and nerve impingement. Therapeutic massage therapy can be a powerful element in speeding up recovery from soft tissue strains and injuries, reducing muscle tension, treating insomnia, and even improving digestion.

We want to be your healthcare provider and partner in achieving your wellness goals. We will support, encourage, and provide the guidance you need to join the elite 8% who hit their goals in 2019! The staff at Elite Pain Relief and Wellness is looking forward to helping you live a full life of wellness! Call us at (602) 460-3490, e-mail us, or go online to make your complimentary wellness appointment today to get started! And, of course, stay connected on Facebook to get wellness updates!

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