Wellness is Within Reach

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Benefits of Regular Physical Therapy

At Elite Pain Relief and Wellness, we specialize in helping our patients enjoy a pain free life of physical health. Did you know that physical therapy is not just to recover from an injury or after a surgery? Regular physical therapy can help you stay strong, healthy, mobile, and at the top of your game. Benefits include:

          >Keeping joints working, reducing stiffness and increasing flexibility
          >Keeping muscles strong and capable of supporting joints
          >Knowing the RIGHT exercises to get you into top physical condition and stay there
          >Identifying areas of weakness, inflexibility, balance, and even scar tissue, then proactively treat them to PREVENT injuries

Craig Brechler, PT has over two decades of experience. His advanced education & expertise can move you forward to physical strength and wellness. You have nothing to lose. Your first wellness appointment is complimentary!

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Benefits of Wellness Chiropractic Care

Some people think that a visit to the chiropractor is only necessary if your back is out of alignment. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Did you know that regular chiropractic adjustments can:

          > Help boost your immune system
          > Positively impact sleep disorders
          > Reduce the occurrence of headaches
          > Alleviate impacts of stress and tension

Dr. Marcella Brechler is an experienced chiropractor with the unique ability to blend old fashioned personalized care with new scientific approaches to chiropractic healthcare techniques. Her advanced system of patient care achieves superior results for the patients she serves.  Find out more about Dr. Marcella Brechler HERE.


If you are looking for a life of wellness, please do give advanced physical therapy a try.  Craig Brechler, PT, has advanced training and cutting edge physical therapy techniques that help is patients achieve their wellness and fitness goals  He is one of the best physical therapists in the Phoenix metro area.  Or, if you are an athlete that wants to stay at your performance peak, our advanced sports therapy is what you need.  Remember that the first wellness appointment is our health gift to you!  Find out more about Craig HERE.

Regular chiropractic care should also be an important part of your wellness regime.  Dr. Brechler, our experienced chiropractor, has over two decades of success in moving her patients towards a pain free, healthy lifestyle.

Please feel free to reach out if you need further information about wellness care at Elite Pain Relief and Wellness, we would be happy to answer any questions you have. Call us at (602) 460-3490, and e-mail us HERE.